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Edit VID & PID

You can make the Digispark appear as a different device, such as an Apple keyboard. This is useful if you want to skip the keyboard setup assistant on macOS.


You can change the IDs to anything you want. Websites like have a database that you can search for registered USB devices.

But to achieve this, you have to manipulate the USB Product ID (PID) and Vendor ID (VID) deep in the Arduino Digispark files.

  1. In Arduino, open File > Preferences
  2. Click on the Path at the bottom (it's a shortcut) Arduino Path
  3. Open packages > digistump > hardware > avr > 1.7.5 (or other version number) > libraries > DigiKeyboard
  4. Make a copy of usbconfig.h and call it usbconfig_BACKUP.h in case you need to undo the changes
  5. Open usbconfig.h in a text editor
  6. Replace the following lines:

Download a already modified usbconfig.h here to save you time. Otherwise, continue below and don't overlook the other tabs!

To set 05AC as USB VID (Apple), replace

#define USB_CFG_VENDOR_ID 0xc0, 0x16


#define USB_CFG_VENDOR_ID 0xAC, 0x05

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